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  • Why do you need a new facility?
    The rink was built in 1953 and has reached the end of its life. Deteriorating structural damage, obsolescence of furnaces, heaters and all fixtures to the interior, snow creating water damage to walls and interior of structure, general inefficiency and rising utility costs becoming prohibitive, insurance availability and costs an issue. Parking is almost non-existent due to proximity to Arena and is now being directed to other private property.
  • What are the operating costs?
    The curling club members manage an annual operating budget of $75,000.00 per year. Going forward we have provided the town with budget and operating assumptions to determine that a lease and all operating cost commitments can be met in the future by the Curling Club.
  • What types of curling do you offer?
    The Curling Club provides three different brands of curling, Regular Mixed, Regular Mixed Doubles and Sturling and Juniors. We are the Sturling capital, per capita, of Alberta. Our club also sponsors FOUR programs.
  • Do you have student programs?
    The curling club has an INSTRUCTIONAL STUDENT PROGRAM – An average of 440 students pass through our doors on any given year from 6 schools in the Pincher Creek area. Mathew Halton, St. Michaels, Lundbreck, Glenwood, Hillspring and Mountain View. This is made up of approx. 237 students from town and 203 from the MD.
  • Do you have junior programs?
    The curling club sponsors a JUNIOR PROGRAM – ages 6 to 16 that is an after school program for youth with 20 participants. In 2023 we will have a competitive junior program in addition to our regular Junior program. Students will participate in training and compete in local or provincial events and playoffs with other junior high and high school students.
  • Do you have senior programs?
    The curling club sponsors one of the largest SENIOR SPORTS PROGRAMS in Southern Ab, 65 years and over, with 50 participants and a SUPER SENIOR PROGRAM, 80 years and over, with 10 participants. We offer discounted user fees and free memberships to each respective group.
  • What special events do you host?
    Our club sponsors SPECIAL EVENTS each year such as: Town and Country Bonspiel: 20 teams – 80 participants Fall Fun Spiel: 32 teams – 64 participants Combo Spiel: 16 teams - 64 participants Shirt Sleeve Bonspiel: 32 teams – 70 participants Turkey Shoot (Christmas fun night) -Pay a loonie or toonie and curl the rock to win a prize! Steak N Sturl (date night): 24 teams (three times a year) 144 Participants March Dine & Dance Fund Raiser: Annual event to raise funds for operation of Curling Center. This makes for a total of 422 participants within a 5 month period each year.
  • How many members do you have?
    That there are now 151 registered volunteer members for the 2022/23 season. An average of 13% growth in each year from 2016 with 82 members (54% of membership) from town and 69 members (46% of membership) from the MD.
  • Where is the curling rink moving to?
    The new curling rink will be built at the Community Recreation Centre at 942 Hyde Street. (Golf Course, bowling alley and Joes Gym building) Over the past 15 years we have attempted to find a location that we could co-locate and share with another facility to provide year round usage with ample parking. The location adjacent to the CRC was our last chance at getting into a rink within the time period we have left at the retired facility. All four of the sports housed at the CRC have signed on to work together Curling, Golf, Bowling and Sports gym. All would share the use of the CRC as a year round facility. There would be an expansion of the existing parking lot to the west of the buildings that will double the size of the existing lot and move the entrance of the lot to the west of the parking lot. The new Multi-purpose Recreation and Event Center will be a low profile structure for improved visibility for area inhabitants.
  • What programs will you offer in the new building that you do not offer now?
    The new building is wheelchair accessible. This makes wheelchair curling possible. It is reasonable to assume that individuals that are wheelchair bound in our community and even in the Crestview lodge next door to the new rink will be able to attend, curl and partake in the unique socialization and benefits it can have on mental health. It connects the community where individuals from all areas can come together, visit and curl.

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Curling has a rich history in Pincher Creek starting with outdoor rinks in 1924.

Our club is open to all ages and skill level.

We're a friendly bunch passionate about one of Canada's favourite lifelong winter sports!

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