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Know the facts

The federal government considers curling a lifelong sport and granted over 4 million to Curling Canada. 

Curling benefits the community in so many ways. 

  • Helps develop core values

  • Physical strength among seniors improves

  • Provides a sense of community.

Know the facts about the new rink and funding

  • Committments of at least $2.5 million from Town Council, MD commitment (pending location and breaking ground) & curling club of for a new building.

  • ​cost estimate for new rink is 3.25 Million

  • Town council decides to update plans to a Net-Zero carbon build costing an additional $800.000 to bring the cost of the building to 4 milllion.

  • The federal government grant applied for will subsidize the cost 60% of the project cost. (Grant amount of approx. $2.4 million dollars)

  • Grant requirements included the amount of the build had to be in place. 

  • For this reason the Town Council decided to get a 4 million LOC LINE OF CREDIT to meet grant requirements to access provincial and federal grant money.

Know the facts

Curling club has been actively fundraising since 2007? 

The curling club raised over $65,000.00 in 2022 towards a new building and in 2023 the club has raised $8,500.00

A detailed document on the history of fundraising and finding a new location for the curling rink is below. 

Curling Club history of finding a new rink

Facts about the Curling Rink   


2022/2023 Leagues

Curling Club Events

Keep up to date with our upcoming events and whats happening at the rink.

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