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Updates on the Future home of PCCC

Dec 22, 2023

  • Received news that the PCCC was awarded the Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) $1,000,000 grant

Late Feb

  • Signed CFEP grant contract

March 12,

  • Met with Left Hand Architecture and Design(LHA) and Awarded Project Manager.

March 18,

  • Preliminary meeting with town CAO and Town department representatives.

March 21 

  • PCCC opened a separate  account to deposit CFEP million dollar grant. Grant money received.

March 22- 25

  • Line Locates (water, sewer, gas) completed and reports received

April 12

  • Site survey completed

April 22 

  • Presented to Town of Pincher Creek Council & Mayor

  • Motions were made to direct Administration to meet with PCCC, Pincher Creek Foundation and for The Town to appoint two seats on the PCCC building committee.

April 26 & 27 

  • Trade Show Booth showcasing 100yrs of curling in PC, and Proposed site plans

April 29

  • Private line locate report completed and received (Dexter Oilfield)

May 3

  • Awarded Smith Dow Geotechnical Drilling

May 8

  • 4 hole drilled at proposed site for geotechnical studies

Please check back for more updates as the project progresses


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