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Brief history of the Pincher Creek Curling Club

Our History

Circa 1924

  • Outdoor curling rinks were built in Pincher Creek.

Circa 1953 - 1958
  • 1953 The ice part of the current curling rink was built.

  • 1958 the viewing areas were added

  • The current rink is located on land that was NWMP Reserve and given to the community for park, social, recreational, athletic and cultural purposes.

  • Skating rink burnt down and did slight damage to the curling rink.

  • Building assessment reports were completed in 1990, 2008, 2010, 2012 that outlined repairs and improvements required at the time to keep the building operating in a safe and efficient manner.


  • Conditions of the rink and long term feasibility were raised by the curling rink and committees were formed to look at the possibility of putting the rink with the golf course and combined clubhouse.


  • Town completed an infrastructure masterplan and assessed the condition of all town facilities. It prioritized the curling rink and skating rink as #1. The town then considered a joint complex. There were many reasons it wasn’t feasible at the time. Cost, lack of space, Life span of curling rink was 3 years (2011) and skating rink life span was 15 years (2023)


  • Curling rink looked at repair vs rebuild and rebuild was much cheaper.

  • 2009/2010 Due to structural damage and building concerns outlined in the engineer assessment reports, the curling rink was forced to shut down due to lack of funds to repair.


  • The curling rink decided to budget and retain a grant writer. With grants and operating budget, the most urgent repairs were done to try and extend the life of the building.


  • The curling club reopened. Committees involved in this ongoing project continued to look at alternative possibilities. This involved the Sobeys building, the Ag grounds, the golf course, combining with  another facility like the skating rink, old swimming pool location. Advantages and disadvantages were discussed over several meetings.


  • Another engineering firm looked at possible locations near the library however by this point, both rinks would have a bigger footprint due to new regulations and new codes.


  • A steering committee was once again appointed to look at expansion and developments of this site, look at priorities and phasing the size and site of a new curling rink.


  • Steering committee was expanded to include all town facilities, civic buildings, parks, sports fields and sports facilities.

  • Dec 2014 Town council budgets $3 million for the curling rink and reserves of $1.25 million. It was strongly recommended facilities be clustered together rather than standalone.


  • In the Town Capital Budget Council approved $1.25 million for a new curling rink. It was recognized the curling club was trying to fundraise and had $50,000+ so far but without a land location people were reluctant to contribute further.

  • Facilities committee recommended a conceptual design of a joint facility at the golf course. All user groups were consulted at that time. It looked like this might be a possibility but with the cost and other factors along with a council change it was dropped again.


  • Ice plant built. In thinking of the future, we went with a portable ice plant so it could be moved to the new rink for a cost savings when building a new rink. We received 1/3 from a grant, 1/3 from town and 1/3 from MD.  With the original price quote at $300,000, savings today with inflation is estimated at $400,000 to $500,000.

  • In addition, the club is using fundraising efforts to fundraise at least $200,000.


  • Many more meetings resulting with town council approval of  a site.

  • Now that there is a location, we are able to actively apply for grants and actively seek corporate partners.

  • We have been actively fundraising since 2007. Last year alone, we fundraised over $65,000. Our most recent St. Patrick’s day dance on March 17, 2023 brought in $8,500.

In Summary

The curling rink is at the end of its life cycle. We cannot afford to wait.

4 engineer and building assessment reports have been done since 1990

The curling rink is committed to fundraise to the best of our abilities to offset municipal council funding.


PHONE: 403-627-4141

845 Main St , Pincher Creek, AB

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