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Benefits of Curling

The federal government considers curling a lifelong sport and granted over 4 million to Curling Canada.

Community Benefits

  • Helps develop core values

  • Physical strength among seniors improves

  • Provides a sense of community

Fun facts about curling…

  • Curling is a social sport, teaches respect (players shake hands and wish one another good luck before games start)

  • Curling is affordable. Most memberships average $180 for 6 months (that’s only $30 per month) with very little equipment to purchase.

  • Curling is a sport where any age can play together. Some are as young as 4 and some as experienced as 80+ years.

  • Curling builds community. All walks of life and professions curl together and socialize whereas they wouldn’t normally do so like a Lawyer, maid, farmer, cook, nurse, dental assistant, heavy equipment operator to name a few.

  • Curling is a physical sport. Studies have shown that it helps strengthen legs and improves balance which is very good when it’s icy outside!


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