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FAQ's for New Curling Rink -


We will try to answer questions on this page to the best of our knowledge. Please feel free to submit questions to our email and we will answer them and post it here.

How long has the Curling Club been working on a new rink?     

over 25 years

Have the MD and Town Councils been approached?     

Yes. They have been asked for the last 10 years at least to put money in their budgets for a new curling rink.

Why is the Club wanting to build a new curling rink?    

The exisiting building is getting outdated. It is over 60 years old. Cinder brick walls are starting to leak. The roof is starting to leak. According to engineer reports from 2009 repairs are needed to the building that will cost more than building a new curling rink.​

What cost analysis if any has been done?           

Quotes from construction companies and jobbers for a new building are far less than quotes to upgrade the existing building.

What locations have been considered?

     If the club could replace the current building where it sits, that would be ideal. However, this is impossible due to a few issues. Much needed parking space would be lost. The length is not regulation at this time and there is no room to put a longer and wider building.

     The Sobeys building was considered 7 years ago but the owner was not selling at that time. Since then, it has come up for sale but the cost of the old Sobeys store is more than the cost of building a new building. 

     Wal Mart area was considered but it made more sense to have it close to downtown and accessible to students for the school program. The town conducted a survey and the public voted to keep it downtown.

     The Golf Club is now in need of a new facility as their clubhouse is aged too and that is the location we are considering at this time. 

What benefits are there to having a joint Golf and Curling Club Facility?

It will be a year round facility instead of seasonal.

Both clubs can share the kitchen and banquet areas. 

Utilities can be shared between the two providing cost savings to both clubs. 

It is still accessible to students for school programs.

Both clubs need a new building so instead of building 2 why not just build 1. That is a huge savings to taxpayers.